WEISHAUPT: How The Best European Burners Got Started

Good burners are meant to last decades, and their quality is defined by people who work hard, with patience, perseverance, and innovation. This is how the best European burners came to be. Weishaupt is a family owned business globally known for their highly efficient and durable burners. Everything started in 1932 when Max Weishaupt decided to open a workshop in Schwendi, Germany. There, he began making fans, portable forges—and a decade later—electric motors.

It is in the 1950s when Weishaupt begins the manufacture of the monarch® burner series. Their success comes accompanied by the company’s vision of technological growth and development. For this motive, in 1962, with their eyes set in innovation, Weishaupt’s Research and Development Institute is founded. Among their many accomplishments are the multiflam® burners, which in 1998 were able to reduce the Nitrous Oxide emissions (NOx) for medium and large burners to values normally only seen with compact burners. With them, Weishaupt set new standards for the industry. Multiflam® burners, therefore, comply with the most stringent regulations worldwide and are leaders among industrial burners, particularly in countries with strict environmental regulations.

Weishaupt burners are now found globally in greatly renowned businesses and institutions; Including one of the world’s tallest buildings, hospitals belonging to the Mayo Clinic Health System, and the historic Lexington Hotel in Chicago.

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