In all companies, a crucial factor to success consists in having efficient preventive maintenance plans. These are a win-win since they protect the personnel, the company’s investment, and the environment. If such factor is so useful and beneficial, why is it that in a large number of companies preventive maintenance is not performed? The answer is simple. Because in the organizational culture of those companies preventive maintenance is not considered a fundamental factor to achieve success and to develop of a sense of belonging among the staff. To ensure that preventive maintenance is practiced, businesses have to count with coherent plans and their respective management indicators. Additionally, in the induction and training of personnel, the importance of these plans and indicators must be emphasized as they are provided with the knowledge, tools and spare parts necessary to undertake this important work. At IC Mega we are at your disposition to support and contribute to your preventive maintenance plans in order to assure their success. We are here to serve.

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