Proactivity: Key Elements for Excellence in the Boiler Room

Proactivity vs. Reactivity There are two types of boiler rooms: I. The Proactive

These are under the care of proactive professionals who are conscious of the importance that preventive maintenance has. They are capable of maintaining their boiler rooms working without unexpected halts.

II. The Reactive

These are under the supervision of reactive professionals who only act when emergencies arrive and often underestimate the importance of preventive maintenance. They tend to force the parts and pieces of the equipment beyond their service life, nullify the function of some, and alter their original design with the objective of keeping the boilers working constantly while ignoring the warnings of danger. In the worst cases, they proceed in this manner without maintenance, inspections and/or without replacing the damaged parts. As it can be easily inferred, these methods place the entire team at risk and eventually collapse, halting completely the boilers’ operation. It is at this moment when the reactive professionals hurry to repair or buy new boilers, while the company or institution is paralyzed in its totality.

Being conscious of the great responsibility that lays in the hands of the professionals overseeing the boiler rooms and the importance of prevention, it is elemental to be proactive in order to optimize the state, operation, and safety of the equipment. IC Mega is at your disposition to help you be proactive and support you in the process of preventive maintenance.

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