The Skewer Soak is a high volume Skewer washing system which provides a deep and efficient cleaning process for operators of high volume rotisserie programs. Some of the benefits of the Skewer Soak:

  • A non-caustic deep cleaning

  • Reduce Cleaning Costs and Improve Results

  • Save Labor and Improve Morale

  • Optional Sanitizer Tank


This alert system illuminates a floor or ceiling surface in the kitchen with highly visible but unobtrusive color coded light patterns. The system is language neutral and completely silent yet it effectively garners the attention of the staff to deliver a variety of important messages regarding the ware washing process.

The Silent Alert System is unique not just to our competitors, but also the entire kitchen equipment industry. By utilizing a non-line of site visual alert, we have the ability to illuminate the floor under the Power Soak, or with the addition of the optional wireless repeater we can illuminate any surface in the kitchen, thereby alerting staff and managers of action needed but completely out of site from customers.

The Silent Alert System provides a clear and noticeable alert without the negative side effects of audio alerts (noisy kitchens, noise bleeding into customer areas, and the temptation to silence an alert without performing the necessary task). Additionally, the Silent Alert System is color-coded to quickly convey what action needs to be taken by the staff.

The Silent Alert System from Power Soak Systems is capable of communicating over 19 different messages, and is highly customizable to each operator’s specific needs.


The PS-225 Control Panel marks our most advanced and sophisticated control panel to date. This smart Control Panel illuminates the floor under the Power Soak System using a series of three color coded LED lights. The color coded light patterns are language neutral and highly visible, yet unobtrusive as they are completely silent and add no additional sounds in the kitchen, thereby alerting staff and managers of action needed to the Power Soak System.

No longer does the ware washing process require a full time employee nor constant attention from staff. Now the Power Soak System can be loaded with wares and the employee can walk away to perform other task such as customer service thereby increasing the speed of service provided. During the washing process the light patterns convey such messages to staff and managers as to when to load and unload wares, drain and refill sinks, and also when the tanks are near the fill line, thereby eliminating the need for an operator to constantly monitor the equipment.

The PS-225 is valuable to the operator by delivering the benefits of increased employee morale, decreased labor, better management oversight, and an overall more efficient operation.


One of the biggest advances in the new Power Soak Generation 4 System is the addition of the Advanced Wash Insert, which revolutionizes the Power Soak wash tank. The Advanced Wash Insert (AWI) is a revolutionary advancement in the Power Soak system and continuous motion washing in general.

The system, which is also easily retrofitted to Generation 3 systems, is made up of ultra-high molecular weight plastic (UHMW) and stainless steel rib sections. Flow guides, which manage the motion of the water, are also made of UHMW plastic and fit easily into each rib section to create an optimally curved inner tank lining. This system minimizes both impacts and noise. When combined with the new low velocity advanced wash jet design, the Advanced Wash Insert creates the most effective, fastest and consistent washing available. Even more amazing is the fact that the system achieves this outstanding washing, while being both quiet and gentle.


The new Power Soak water tempering system gives you the ability to fill your tanks with the correct temperature of water, wash fluid and sanitizer fluid every single time.

  • Set it & Forget it: Simply pre-set desired wash and sanitizer fluid and fill temperatures and Power Soak does the rest – it also self-adjusts for seasonal variations in the temperature of hot & cold water.

  • Consistent: Health department compliance is made easier by consistent operation across multiple shifts.

  • Beneficial: The end result is optimal cleaning results, enhanced safety for your team and improved energy use.

  • New Equipment


From Power Soak Systems, the worldwide leader in continuous motion washing, comes a never-before-seen solution for washing and insuring sanitation for all produce items in the kitchen … the all-new Produce Soak. The Produce Soak represents a quantum leap in efficient and thorough power-assisted washing and sanitizing of produce.

A Faster, Better Way To Wash Fruits And Vegetables

If you’re like most operators, sanitation and food safety are high on your list. But with handwashing, safety can’t always be ensured. That’s why we’ve developed Produce Soak – a hands-free fruit and vegetable washing system that gently washes tomatoes to potatoes (and everything in between). Produce Soak allows you to achieve greater safety levels and prolong shelf life … with only a few minutes of washing. Produce Soak can even tackle cut produce.


The Power Soak Generation 4 System marks an evolutionary step for the leader in continuous motion washing. This new system boasts 10 major innovations and each one has been engineered to save your operation time and money. We’ve maximized wash flow with more jets and a lower velocity with a dedicated wash jet for the all new utensil area thereby producing the gentlest system ever offered for plastic wares. The PS-225 Control Panel is the most advanced and easiest to use control we’ve ever offered. The Silent Alert System, a 2012 Kitchen Innovations Award recipient illuminates a surface in the kitchen with color-coded lights, which garner the attention of the staff to deliver a variety of important messages. The Advanced Wash Insert installs in the Power Soak wash tank in minutes to create the most effective, fastest, quietest, gentlest, and consistent washing ever offered. The AWI is also available as an upgrade for the Power Soak Generation 3 System.

While many of the advances come standard, Generation 4 also offers a number of options. The Wireless Remote Light System is a remote mounted indicator, which makes checking on the wash status a thing of the past. A Wave Curtain System essentially eliminates the likelihood of water getting onto the kitchen floor. The new Power Soak Water Tempering System gives you the ability to fill your wash and sanitize fluid with the correct temperature of water every single time. The Sectional Racking System allows you to partition your wash tank for specific uses such as washing sheet pans. An optional Chemical Dispenser is available for most systems.

Like previous Power Soak Systems, the new Power Soak continues to be the choice of the biggest names in restaurants and foodservice today while providing the most efficient system ever offered. Please consider the new Generation 4 system for new construction and replacement of older Power Soak Generation 1 and 2 Systems.


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