O.M.A.R. company, founded in 1978 from the idea of beeing active for the cleaning of working environements and developed with the contribution of partners, today is one of the leader companies in the sector of industrial air cleaning and dust extraction plants for the abatement of the pollutant substances.


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The Pulse Jet filters realized with structural work find particular applications in the foundry/steel plant sector, where both the big air quantity involved and the particular nature of the pollutant substance to treat, require alternative filtering systems to the traditional PJ filters.

The use of specific filtering media, the counter-current cleaning of sleeves through compressed-air impulses and the longitudinal settling chamber for the pre-settling of the coarse material are just some of the parameters which identify this typology of filter as reliable and efficient, as demonstred by the countless applications to our customers.


Technical features

La The design of filters has been realized considering a very high  filtering efficiency able to guarantee the emission limits of dusts in the atmosphere, fixed by the current rules in force and not only.

The present technology allows to realize filterinsg systems able to gurantee 1÷ 2 mg/Nm3, obviously with proper devices that are part of our Know how.

The constructive phase is realized considering the transport on truck/container of the pieces among them pre-assembled, in order to reduce the installation times on site.

According to the needs, such abatement units could be provided of safety systems classified under the installation zone (Atex 94/9CE).


Building materials

The needs of foundry/steel plants sector mainly require realizations of carbon steel plate and Corten A, of different thicknesses according to the feature of the pollutant substance.

As a consequence thereof, varnishing cycles ad hoc for the different applications can be foresee.

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The modular sleeves filter with cleaning of the same through compressed-air impulses is used for many applications in different working sectors thanks to its versatility.

Thanks to the fact of being modular, it is suitable for the possible revamping due to the increase of production and/or further development requests.

Thanks to its high filtering degree (up to 99,5%) it allows to treat the most different dusts, up to granulometries lower than 1 micron of diameter.

Automatic continuous discharge systems and further accessories accompany the filter.


Technical features

The filters in question have to be considered as products dimensioned ad hoc for the final customer. From the constructive point of view, since it is realized with modular panels bolted among them (normally present in our warehouse), it allows short delivery times in order to satisfy all  customers needs.

Different transport systems, whether it is pre-assembled or totally disassembled, allow the delivery all over the world.

Proper safety systems against explosions, continuous dust detection systems, sensors for temperature detection and supervision of solenoid valves’ management are available in case of explicit request.


Building materials

They are mostly fabricated with galvanized plate, but also applications with varnished carbon steel plate, Corten and AISI 304/316 has been realized.

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CARTJ cartridge filters have air compressed cleaning system; they are realized in modular version, in rectangular or circular section, covering a range of capacities as widely as possible. The necessary sleeves number is calculated according to the air crossed velocity  though the sleeves, in accordance with the kind of pollutant substance to treat.


Technical features

The rectangular version is made with bolted panels. That version allows to ship also the biggest filters everywhere  in the word and above all allows  the increase of the filtering surface according the need. The circular monolithic version is produced so that can be transported without any problem of size.


Constructive materials

CAR J filters can be realized in galvanized plate; in varnishing carbon steel plate with epoxy varnishes, antacid, in steel AISI (304, 316 or other).

OMAR Cyclone filter 00003
OMAR Cyclone filter 00005
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The cyclone filter with sleeves is especially realized to solve problems of thin dust  with limited air quantities (up to 10-12.000 mc/h), keeping a high abatement efficiency and a convenient price on the market.

Thanks to its cylindrical structure and a collecting hopper, the cyclone filter allows a considerable reduction of time on the assembly activity on site.


Technical features

It is realized with calendering of a plate welded to the extremity with a following saving of the manufacturing time.

It can be equipped with over-dimensioned hopper ( Cyclonic PJ) for the pre-abatement of the largest  material; significant detail on applications with a sensible removal of material and/or sparks.


Building materials

Realized in painted carbon steel plate (eventually galvanized on the top), both in Corten and in  AISI 304/316.

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OMAR Pockets filters 00001



FT filters are cumulating filters  with non-returnable pockets; they are made in compact version and in rectangular section. The necessary pockets number is calculated according to the air crossed velocity, in accordance with the kind of pollutant substance to treat.

Besides, pocket filters can be used  for the reintegration in environment; this also with a hemi-absolute filter.


Technical features

The pocket filters are designed and constructed according to the abatement need, in  campact form, in order the air will be conveyed toward the pre-filter, which can be inertial or  sectional, where it has a first decantation.  Following, the air will pass through the pocket for the filtration of the thinnest particles.


Constructive materials

The filters can be realized in varnishing carbon steel plate with epoxy varnishes, antacid or varnishes suitable to high temperatures; in steel AISI (304, 316 or other).

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The cells filters are produced in more sections, which are linked to each other through bolts or welded in case the transport allows it.


Technical features

The rectangular version is made with bolted panels. That version allows to ship also the biggest filters everywhere  in the word and above all allows  the increase of the filtering surface according the need. The circular monolithic version is produced so that can be transported without any problem of size.


Constructive material

The filters are constructed in varnished iron or in galvanized plate. Particular constructions can be realized on demand.

OMAR Scrubber filter with floating bed 00005
OMAR Scrubber filter with floating bed 00003
OMAR Scrubber filter with floating bed 00004
OMAR Scrubber filters with filling corps 00008



SCRUBBER filter with floating bed is a wet abatement system. The dirty air is conveyed to the abatement tower, inside which two stages of filling corps are installed; the filling corps are formed by hollow spheres laied out higgledy on supporting nets. Above each layer of spheres, it is installed a distributor of solution with sprinkling nozzles accurately studied and positioned on the filling corps. The dirty air accrosses the filling corps getting in contact with the solution that abates the pollutant substance, while  the spheres stressed by the air keep themselves clean.

Technical features

Scrubber filter is composed of two indipendent parts, or rather a collecting solution tank and an abatement tower, which is installed above the tank  in order to allow the easy drainage of the cleaning water. On the tank the recirculation pump, the collecting tank comprehensive of level control and restoration of H2O, and  the discharge valve are installed. The tower contains the filling corps, the washing rumps and a stage with dropps separators.  If  it should be necessary, inspection intakes  and location for a possible pH metro would be provided.

OMAR Scrubber filters with filling corps 00011
OMAR Scrubber filters with filling corps 00010
OMAR Scrubber filters with filling corps 00009
OMAR Scrubber filter with floating bed 00002



This special type of plant speciale is used to depurate the dusty substances with very thin granulometry (some micron)  present inside a very wet flow. The polluted air suffers the real abatement during the passage “in the throat”, where the high velocity of the air makes heavy the dust particle through water, until make it settle on the bottom of the below tank.

The efficiency of the scrubber itself can vary according to the positioning of the motorized core. At the outlet, the flow crosses a natural decanter, before the release in the atmosphere.


Technical features

This scrubber is essentially composed of:

  • variable motorized core

  • hydraulic system for water management to the nebulizers

  • natural decanter, tower-shaped

The special character of the system is the variable throat, that is the reduction or increase of the free passage section of the flow, managed by PLC. Such depurator allows to reach filtering efficiencies up to 99% with dusts ≥ 3 micron.


Constructive material

The fabrication in Fe/CORTEN with anti-acid varnishing or in AISI 304 (depending on the needs) makes the system long-lasting.

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