Kewanee Boilers


Kewanee was a fire tube boiler manufacturing corporation that opened its doors in 1868. For more than ten decades Kewanee Boiler Corporation manufactured and sold thousands of steam boilers to residential, commercial and industrial clients not only within the United States but also to Canada, Mexico and the rest of the world. During the year 2002 the industry started to suffer since the manufacturing of fire tube boilers and the sale of the same started to decrease significantly. This impact forced Kewanee to cease manufacturing and it finally led to a business closure.


However, as of today there are many Kewanee boilers that still operating in the United States as well as abroad creating demand for Kewanee replacement parts. Here at IC Mega International Group, Inc., we are ready to provide all the support needed for optimization of your Kewanee steam boilers. You can contact us via and also visit our Web page We are the company you need for obtaining the best industrial support in the United States of America.

Kewanee Air Dampers
Kewanee Blower Wheels
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Kewanee Cams
Kewanee Diffusers
Kewanee Gas Heads
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