Enerac is the leading manufacturer of portable emission and combustion analyzers in the world. The company introduced the model 842 in 1979. This was the first automated combustion efficiency analyzer ever built.

In 1987 it introduced the Model 2000, the first combustion analyzer with emission measurement capabilities. Following the success of the Model 2000, an innovative proprietary conditioning system was added introduced as the Model 2000E, for accurate measurements of nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide emissions based on electrochemical sensor technology.

After a five year joint development effort with City Technology Co., the largest independent manufacturer of electrochemical sensors, Enerac developed a new series of electrochemical sensors, under the name of SEM Sensors, that it introduced in its latest portable emission analyzer, the Model 3000. The Model 3000 is the only portable emission analyzer in the world that meets the EPA’s new CTM-022 specifications for NOX measurements by portable emission analyzers.

Thirty years of experience in measuring combustion efficiency and monitoring emissions have given rise to our smallest, most advanced instruments ever. The Enerac models M500 and M700 can be tailored to suit your specific needs.


The Enerac 500 provides a comprehensive range of automatic emissions calculations, advanced Enercom Windows Software, two-way communications and factory support. From low NOx burners, (0.1ppm NOxresolution) to large rich burn engines (5,000ppm (NOx)/20,000ppm CO) the Enerac 500 is designed to help meet your needs of various monitoring applications at an affordable price.

The Enerac 500 handheld combustion efficiency emissions analyzer, is our newest, low cost, Emissions-Monitoring System, utilizing standard electrochemical sensors. It is designed to help you meet the challenges of a rapidly changing regulatory environment. It is easy to use, comprehensive (O2-CO-NO-NO2-(NOx), SO2, Combustibles, Stack Temperature, Draft), and flexible.

  • A micro-sized Combustion-Efficiency analyzer and Emissions-Monitoring System

  • Thermoelectric Condenser / Peltier Cooler (sample conditioning system for proper detection and measurement of NO2 and/or SO2 gasses

  • Powered by 4xAA Rechargeable batteries

  • Built-in Thermal Printer: 2″ Character-type

  • Our Enercom Windows Software included

  • USB and Serial Ports included. Bluetooth Wireless (optional)


The Enerac Model 700 is handheld, weighs 6 lbs and is easy to operate (no technical expertise is needed). The Model 700 units are rugged, made with a metal case and considered the workhorse of the industry withstanding years of use and abuse. No one makes a more affordable, accurate, rugged, reliable and sophisticated portable combustion emissions analyzer than Enerac. Enerac custom builds all units and can engineer sensor ranges and options to customer requirements for their respective application(s) at hand.

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