Braun Laundry Equipment

Since 1946, Braun has revolutionized the laundry industry with innovative products designed to make laundry and textile facilities more productive and profitable.

Braun has a rich history of providing our customers with complete solutions to their laundry business issues. Partnering with our customers has and remains our number one priority.

Today Braun ranks as a premiere corporation with worldwide brand recognition.



Braun SmoothFlow Batch Tunnel Washer systems are available in processing capacities of100–150lbs.and200–220lbs. Throughout its continuous processing, the Braun Tunnel Washer delivers consistently clean goods with error-free batch transfer, always. The one-piece, single-drum design is proven in hundreds of installations worldwide.

Braun tunnels operate with the mechanics of an open helicoid process unlike tunnels using a true achimedial screw. This, coupled with our positive transfer process, prevents roping and jamming providing the most superior transport capability on the market. Unparalleled mechanical action – each chamber washes with a similar level of mechanical action as an open pocket washer for exceptional wash quality.


The Braun Open Pocket System realizes the benefits of automation using Braun Open Pocket Washer/Extractors. Available in capacities of 200, 450 and 650 pounds, Braun Open Pockets are designed to meet the productivity and capacity requirements of your operation. Braun’s 450 and 650 lb. machines offer the largest processing capability in the industry per allocation of floor space. This is significant as operators look to maximize their productivity in their existing facilities. All are engineered for ease of maintenance, offer two-way tilting, and isolate vibration

Touch Screen Controls Standard on all Braun Open Pocket machines, touch screen controls are simple, intuitive, and easy to use.


More Washing Capacity in Less Floor Space! This unique 450 lb. Open Pocket Washer/Extractor is constructed with a small footprint of only 89 inches, and can be easily integrated into a variety of plant layouts. The Braun 450 N2 is ideal for laundries with limited space or laundries that want to make the most of the room they have. Like all Braun products, it includes state-of-the-art system controls and laundry management software. Whether used as a stand-alone open pocket washer/extractor, or integrated into a fully automated complete open pocket laundry system, the 450 N2 is known for its versatility, efficiency, and reliability.


As stand-alone units or key components in a fully automated system, Braun PT Pass- Thru Dryers are available in capacities of 300, 500 and 700 lbs., and deliver years of dependable, productive service.

The computerized controls are fully programmable, accurate to 1.0 degree and completely self-diagnostic, and monitor both inlet and outlet temperatures, continually making precise flame adjustments to keep the dryer environment at the programmed temperature.

Braun PT series dryers use a linear heat source to evenly distribute heat along the full depth of the dryer basket, eliminating low temperature areas. Full burner modulation results in precise basket environment temperatures, delivering consistent drying, evenly distributed heat and outstanding resource utilization, while full body insulation increases thermal efficiency and provides a more temperate, quieter workplace.


Braun Nestings Shuttles are available for Braun’s 100–150 lb., and 200–220 lb. batch tunnel washing systems.

Braun Nesting Shuttles store and transport extracted cakes from the extraction press to the dryer, and convey dried textiles to finishing and sorting areas, meeting the demands of any plant layout.

These automated delivery systems can include single or multiple elevating shuttles, depending upon individual needs.

Smooth, Error-Free Transfer of Goods

  • The ergonomics of loading and unloading Braun tunnels and dryers is greatly enhanced.

  • Braun’sinverterdrivenSmartShuttle System basically eliminate much of the heavy work, providing a safe, smooth, error-free and complete transfer of goods.


Manual SafeLoad System® Designed to support the loading of washers in a manualwashaisleoperatingenvironment. This shuttle removes the potential for serious injury to the operator from pushing bags into a moving washer cylinder.

  • Design Features

  • Patent-pending solution ideal for manual wash rooms with rail height restrictions and narrow wash alleys.

  • Addressessafetyissuesofloading washer/extractors by hand.

  • UsesBraun’sprovenconveyanceand loading technology.

  • Primemoverispoweredbyadrycell battery which also powers the conveyor and bed lift cylinders.

  • Adjustableforvaryingwasherheightsfor Braun and non-Braun machines.

  • Addressesergonomicissues.


The Four-Station Spreader/Feeder

provides high-speed production with minimal operator training. Standard microprocessor control ensures precise item centering, at high speeds.

This machine accelerates the flatwork before releasing,for a smooth, straight, perfectly square leading edge. Operator productivity is independently monitored at each station. This Spreader/Feeder is available with an integrated

vacuum deck. With this“two-in- one” capability, the vacuum deck articulates up to provide for single lane processing of small pieces such as napkins and pillow cases.


Braun Flatwork Ironers meet high standards with both high production rates and a world-class finish.

Deep chest heating and large diameter rolls – your choice of 32″ or 48″ – produce crisp flatwork. This machine is available with one to four rolls, and can be equipped with either steam or thermal fluid heating. Torsion bar suspension keeps roll pressure even for uniform drying and minimal padding wear. Adjustable vacuum fans provide optimum drying conditions. To increase production, additional rolls can be added in the field.

The Ironer Control precisely measures ironer speed and displays it for the operator on digital readout. Work flow can be synchronized throughout the entire finishing system with our advanced inverter-type variable frequency drive.


The Folder/Cross-Folder delivers hand- folded quality with Braun reliability. The automatic folding sequence makes two or three primary folds in flatwork as large as 130″ x 120″ or as small as 12″ square. Then this folder makes up to three cross-folds, keeping selvage edges neatly folded inside.


The control on the Folder/Cross-Folder is field programmable with up to 99 programs to make the exact series of folds for each flatwork classification.

Dynamic Fold Feature

The folder is programmed to determine whether an item should get 2 or 3 cross folds on the fly. This feature allows for different size goods to be processed without changing programs. This includes queen size, king, and full sized sheets, one after the other.


Small Piece Folders are ideal for small items such as towels, pillow cases, underpads, scrubs and patient gowns. Each Sigma provides a variety of folds and stacks items to specific quantities of up to 50 pieces. All models feature microprocessor controls, precise item measurement, capability for French primary folds with cross-folds in halves, thirds or quarters, automatic stacking, plus automatic stain-torn reject and electronic jam shut-off.

The Braun Small Piece Folder, Return-to-Feeder Configuration, brings Braun performance to the smallest spaces. Smart, fast and compact, it makes efficient use of floor space and allows one operator to easily feed and unload the folder.


The Braun Five Lane Small-Piece Visa® Accumulator (FLSPVA5) is a free standing, caster-mounted accumulator for use behind almost any flatwork ironer. It accumulates small flatwork goods, such as table napkins, at the rear on dual storage bars in each lane. The accumulator has been configured to take the napkins off the ironer and drape them in half over the storage bars in stacks of up to 25.

The (SPVA4), operating with a primary folder or folder/cross-folder, is 120 inches wide and has a four-lane configuration. It is capable of accumulating pieces as large as 24″ x 24″.

The Braun Visa® Accumulator is also available in a (optional) 130” working width.

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