Selected lineup of innovative commercial kitchen equipment


Avtec Energy Distribution System Raceways saves money and installation hassles with convenient one-point connections for all of your fire-fuel equipment shut-off, Ground Fault Equipment Protection, digital timers, LED read out, fan controls, and magnetic motor controls.  Each Avtec Raceway is customized to meet specific needs so that the entire system, or just one unit, can be relocated exactly where needed—without costly remodeling. All Avtec electronics are 24-volt, solid state, with quick disconnects for easy replacement, and as your system grows, the safety features you need are already built into the master design.



  • Model EID (e-series raceway)

  • Model EWD (e-series raceway)

  • Model MID (m-series raceway)

  • Model MWD (m-series raceway)

  • Model RID (r-series raceway)

  • Model RWD (r-series raceway)


Preparation Conveyors (TrayTrac, etc) offer labor saving designs for the preparation of high volume food. Soiled Clean-Up Applications provide a complete line of products to efficiently process soiled dishware in a minimum amount of space. Whether you are looking for a new conveyor system, or need to retrofit or refurbish your existing system, Avtec Conveyors are a reliable and durable solution.



  • Model BT (bus trac soiled tray accumulator)

  • Model CBSW (slat belt)

  • Model CCSW (cordveyor)

  • Model CCTN (cordveyor)

  • Model CDTN & SDTN (dish table)

  • Model CFBK (fabric belt)

  • Model CFBS (fabric belt slim-line)

  • Model CIDW (slat dual belt)

  • Model CISW (slat belt)

  • Model CITW (slat belt)

  • Model CRGN (gravity roller)

  • Model CRPN (power roller)

  • Model CRTN (gravity roller)

  • Model TTB (tray trac assembly system)

  • Model TTH (tray trac assembly system)

  • Model TTM (tray trac assembly system)



  • Model AFSO (exhaust only filter)

  • Model AFWD (external mua filter)

  • Model AFWE (external mua filter)

  • Model AFWI (internal mua filter)

  • Model AFWO (exhaust only filter)

  • Model AFWO-P (external mua filter)

  • Model AFWP (external mua filter)

  • Model AWWD (external mua water wash canopy)

  • Model AWWE (external mua water wash canopy)

  • Model AWWI (internal mua water wash canopy)

  • Model AWWO (exhaust only water wash canopy)

  • Model AWWO-P (external mua water wash canopy)

  • Model AWWP (external mua water wash canopy)

  • Model AXSO (exhaust only cartridge)

  • Model AXWD (external mua cartridge)

  • Model AXWE (external mua cartridge)


The combination of the patent pending arch top and the front mounted high velocity exhaust slot reduces the amount of exhausted CFM by 45% compared to traditional CFM rates. This translates into an annual electric and gas savings of up to 40%.


  • Model EA2000 (exhaust only canopy)

  • Model EA2000/PBB (make-up air canopy)

  • Model EA4000 (exhaust only canopy)

  • Model EA4000/PBB (make-up air canopy)


Unified Brands is a leader in the foodservice equipment industry encompassing four industry leading branded product lines; Groen, Randell, Avtec and A la Cart. Under these brands, the company manufactures and markets cooking, refrigeration and ventilation equipment along with custom fabricated solutions, meal delivery systems, conveyor systems and cook chill food production systems. Unified Brands’ primary markets are the commercial restaurant industry as well as institutional applications such as hospitals, colleges and universities, prisons, and schools. Manufacturing Locations: Jackson, MS Weidman, MI Market Applications: Casual Dining Restaurants, Chain Restaurants, Quick-Serve Restaurants, Schools & Universities, Institutional, Hospitals, Prisons.


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